Dog shows
  • renewal of local software started in January 2014;
  • dogshowentry.nl works on a web server;
  • registration starts in the common database and continues in the database of an organization;
  • import of entries from OnlineDogShows is proven;
  • payments through iDEAL, Sofort, BanContact, PayPal and creditcard, operate with Payment Service Provider Mollie;
  • multi-tenancy works with just one software layer for several organizations;
  • web forms in order to enter results of so-called white cards;
  • paper work using MS Excel tool built with highly automated macros;
  • data entry of results at the ring is in beta phase.
Club facilities
  • dog training entry;
  • club match entry including a maintainable catalog.
  • VPS servers for operational and development;
  • MySQL databases;
  • Scriptcase PHP generator
  • multi-tenancy tool to execute SQL statements for the databases per organization.