Need to have
  • 01. customer portal in four languages;
  • 02. continuous elimination of technical dependence;
  • 03. hosting on a (virtual private) webserver;
  • 04. software development on a separate VPS;
  • 05. widely used PHP generator (Scriptcase);
  • 06. just one software installation for all legal entities;
  • 07. a common database in order to share data;
  • 08. double show integrated in one database;
  • 09. barcode for local use and QR-code as url;
  • 10. import in XML / CSV format has proven itself;
  • 11. entry of results at the ring.
Professional mail services
  • email to customers having hotmail, is stable;
  • email volumes are under control by parameters;
  • email for transactions via Amazon SES by SMTP;
  • email from the host via Cyberfusion using SRS.
Nice to have
  • more than one owner under an email address;
  • automated change in table definitions for shows.
In preparation
  • data center redundant hosting;
  • offsite backup on user level.